Smart Video Doorbell Camera - Night Vision & Motion Detection

  • What is the video resolution?

The video resolution is Up to 720P 30pfs.

  • How long does the battery last?

It is designed with ultra-low-power technology with only two 18650 batteries (included in the package). Two batteries are rechargeable with a USB cable (included). In low power mode, our doorbell consumes power slowly so it can work for 1-2 years in general (standby mode).

  • Can I insert a memory card to save the videos?

Yes, our doorbell camera comes with a TF slot for the Memory card.

  • Do I have to pay monthly for using the App?

It uses a Free App (NO MONTHLY FEE) to support Android, iOS.

App: ToSee

  • How do I connect it to my phone?

1. Open the App, click the "+" and "Add Device".

2. Click "The Red Light is flashing" when the device red light flashing.

3. Click "Go to Setup to connect device", it will enter into your mobile phone WiFi setup automatically, click to connect with your "TOSEE_xxxx" device.

4. Choose a Wifi hotspot like "Tosee_xxxx" and then connect it.

5. Return to the App, and click "Next".

6. Find your network and input the correct Wifi password and click "Next".

7. Set the device's management password and click "Next".

8. When the device is added successfully, you can name your device, and click "Confirm".

9. Ready to use!

  • Can I connect it to a 5GHz network?

No, please make sure the doorbell camera is connected to a 2.4G WIFI Network.

  • What does the package include?

1 x Wireless Video Doorbell

1 x Indoor Chime White 

All 18650 Batteries

1 x USB Cable (for recharging the batteries)

1 x Strip Sticker

1 x User Manual

1 x Chime User Manual