EXLPON Dash Camera 

Vehicle Black Box DVR 

Full HD with 3" LCD Screen


  • Thank you for purchasing our Explon Dash Camera- Full HD 3" LCD Screen vehicle black box

  • This user manual will contain complete instructions on how to operate your Dash Cam and is highly recommended to read it prior to use

  • This product is intended for use in motor vehicles solely. When mounting the product, ensure the device is not installed where it might interfere with the driver's field of vision or disturb deployment of the airbag 

  •  The product requires a memory card to operate (not included in the package), suggested type is a high-speed class 10, 32GB max micro SDHC card

  • Do not leave the product in direct sunlight for a long time or if the temperature goes above 170°F (75°C)


Dash Camera

Suction mounting

Adhesive mounting

Car adapter charger

Mini USB cable

User manual 

*The content of the package may vary 


  • Before installation, please insert the Memory card in the slot, taking care that the gold contacts are facing towards the LCD screen side of the Dash Cam. Push the memory card until it clicks into place. Format the memory card prior to use. Do not remove or insert the memory card when the Dash Cam is turned on. This may damage the memory card or recordings within.

  • Connect the power adapter to the 12V cigarette lighter socket and route the cable in the interior/ hide the excess cable into the interior panel and gaps to obtain visual aesthetics

  • If the device is properly installed, the red light will appear at the top left corner and indicates charging

  • The device contains the battery whose purpose is back-up and saving the data only. In order to make the device work, it has to be plugged in the cigarette lighter and the car has to be in the ignition, or the Dashcam must be connected to your PC with the USB cable 

  • After the installation is completed, please turn the unit ON by pressing the Power button located on the left side of the Dash Cam and start the engine



1.TF slot – SD Card slot












1.    TF Memory Card Slot: Insert/Remove the memory card when the camera is off to avoid data loss

2. UP- use this button to navigate the menu 

3. MENU- Press this button to open the SETTINGS menu. Press twice to get to another page of the SETTINGS menu

4. DOWN- use this button to navigate the menu 

5.HDMI- this port is used to connect this device to a TV/PC with an HDMI cable (cable not included in the package)

6. USB PORT- this port is used to attach this device to a car charger or to connect the device to the PC with a USB cable  

7. RESET- in case your Dashcam crashes, it is recommended to take a paper clip or similar to reset the camera

8. MIC- internal component, not recommended to tackle this port 

9. OK- Use this button to select or enter features, or confirm changes you made within options 

10. MODE- This button is used to switch between camera Video/Photo/Playback 

11. LOCK- Once the recording is started, this button shall be pressed to save the current video or photo 

12. POWER- Long press this button to turn the device ON or OFF. The short press will only turn on the Screen saver and the device will keep recording, even though the screen is dark 


  1. Once the device is turned ON, the device will automatically be in the recording mode. If the device is connected to the PC with the USB cable, the user will be able to see three different selections: 

1.Mass storage

2.PC camera


To enter Camera mode, use UP/DOWN buttons on the left, select REC_mode and click OK on the right side of the Dashcam.


Please note that the micro SD Card is not included in the package. The suitable micro SD Card for our device is high-speed class 10, 32GB max micro SDHC card.

Once the micro SD card is inserted, please press the Power button to turn on the device.  Double click the Menu button (it’s located on the left, right between UP and DOWN buttons), use DOWN to scroll down to the Format option. Click OK

You will see on the screen:


Delete all data” will have two selections: 

  1. Cancel 

  2.  OK 

Select the “OK” option and press the “OK” button. Your memory card is now formatted and contains no data. 


Once the device is turned on and the memory card is formatted, you will enter Video mode. 

Press the “OK” button to start/stop recording


Once the recording is started, the red indicator will be flashing next to this icon  

in the top left corner of the screen. 

If the recording is stopped, there will be no red flashing indicator. 

By pressing the LOCK button (third button on the right        ), you will manually lock the current video file. The Loop recording will not override the locked recording, it will remain saved on the memory card until it is deleted manually, or the SD card is formatted.

  • Recording options and settings description- Once you are in the recording mode,  Click the Menu button to bring the first page of the recording settings: 


  • Another Click on the Menu button will bring the second list of the settings:


  • Use UP and DOWN buttons(on the left side of Dash Cam) to navigate these settings, and OK button(on the right side of the Dash Cam) to enter each setting or confirm changes

Resolution- 1296P/ 1080FHD/ 720P/ VGA 

  • Recommended setting (may vary on your personal needs and preferences): 1296FHD

Cyclic record-(Loop recording) Off/ 1Minute/ 3Minutes/ 5Minutes 

  • The video recordings will be saved in time segments 1- 3 -5 Minutes depending on your selection within this feature. Loop recording on a dashcam allows for continuous recording even if the SD memory card reaches full capacity. This means older files are overwritten once the SD card reaches its file size limit. In the event of an incident, any files that have been protected by activation of the G- sensor, or by manually pressing the lock button will not be overwritten and will stay on the SD card. Therefore, important clips that can be used for insurance purposes or sending to the Police will stay locked on the card and will not be deleted. This also means that, at some point, your SD card will be full of protected recordings, and the SD Card would need to be formatted in order to make free space. 

High Dynamic Range- Off/On

  • It improves contrast in an image while maintaining clarity. HDR can be particularly important in a Dash Cam in helping to produce vibrant and clearer imagery, ultimately resulting in enhanced footage. When driving at night time and in low light levels, HDR can significantly improve image clarity. It will record multiple exposure levels for each frame and conduct tone mapping to ensure the optimum footage is recorded.

Exposure- +3/ +2/ +1/ 0/ -1/ -2/ -3

  • Increasing exposure makes videos and images look lighter or darker. If your video is too dark, the selection of a positive number is recommended. If your video is too bright, select negative numbers

Motion Detection- Off/On

  • Motion detection is a memory saving feature which only records footage where motion is taking place. It’s supported only when the car is in the ignition. 

Recording- Off/On

  • The device has a built-in microphone for recording audio in the cabin. When On is selected, the audio recording will be enabled, and if it is set to Off, an audio recording will be disabled

Date Stamp- Off/On

  • Select ON if you want the date on the recordings

Gravity sensing (G-sensor)- Off/ Low/ Medium/ High 

  • The Dash Cam includes a built-in G-Sensor which allows the device to determine when the car has been in a collision. If it detects a collision, it automatically locks the recording being made at the time of the accident. High selection will make the system more sensitive, and low setting ensures the system will react only to greater shocks

Parking guard- Off/On

  • This feature is available only when the car is in the ignition. The parking guard uses the Motion Sensor and G-Sensor to optimize recording functionality while your vehicle is parked. The idea is that when you are parked, the dashcam will be “sleeping” but it will monitor the video image for motion and it will also monitor the G-sensor. If it detects motion or if it detects an impact then the unit will wake up and start recording

Car Number- Off/On

  • Select ON if you want the car number on the recordings

LCD Brightness- Off/ 30 Seconds/ 1Minute/ 2Minutes 

  • This option allows you to set a duration after which the device’s display will go dark, and the camera will still keep recording. The screen will turn dark after 30 Seconds/ 1Minute/ 2Minutes, based on the selected option. It is highly recommended to use this feature in order to avoid distraction while driving

Auto Power Off- Off/ 3 Minutes/ 5 Minutes/ 10 Minutes

  • This feature enables the Dashcam to shut down by itself after the selected interval of time (3 Minutes/ 5 Minutes/ 10 Minutes) 

Frequency- 50Hz/60Hz

  • Choose 60Hz for the USA

Beep Sound- Off/On

  • Turns the beep sound On or Off when pressing camera buttons

Language- Japanese/ German/ Thai/ English/ Vietnamese/ Russian /Chinese

Date/Time- Supported

Format- Cancel/ OK 

Default Settings- Cancel/ OK 

  • Returns camera settings to default values

Version- May vary depending on the batch 


When you are in the Recording mode (which is a default setting when the Dash Cam is turned on). Short press button to enter Photograph mode. Click the “OK” button to take a picture. 

-Photograph options and settings description

Capture mode- here you can set the delay between pushing the button for taking pictures and the point at which the photo is recorded 

  • Single shot 

  • 2s Delay

  • 5s Delay 

  • 5s Delay  

Resolution- Photograph resolution formats are: 

VGA / 1.3 MP/ 2MP/ 3MP

Continuous shooting- ON/OFF 

Exposure- +3/ +2/ +1/ 0/ -1/ -2/ -3

Date Stamp- Off/On


Once you’ve entered recording mode, one pressing of the “M” button will bring you to Photograph mode, and another pressing of the “M” button will bring you to the Playback mode. 

Use UP and DOWN buttons to go through your files, and use the “OK” button to playback the video. 

-Playback options and settings description

Delete- Delete Current? / Delete All?

Protection- Lock One/ Unlock One/ Lock All/ Unlock All 

Slideshow- 2 seconds/ 5 seconds/ 8 seconds 


Dashcams take their power from the cigarette lighter in your car. The device contains the battery whose purpose is back-up and saving the data only. When your vehicle ignition is turned on, power is delivered to the cigarette lighter and the car camera will be activated.

 Battery indication image


The red indicator light will light up when charging. The entire charging time is about 180 minutes. The red indicator light automatically turns off when charging has completed

***Important note: The internal battery can last for only about 10 minutes or less and its purpose is back up and saving the data only


1. Mini-USB charging

2. Vehicle power charging


  • Do not disassemble the camera yourself to avoid damaging the internal components.

  • Please do not place the camera under strong sunlight or high temperature. This may damage the shell internal parts.

  • When inserting or removing the memory card, please keep the camera in a power-off state. If not, the card and the data may get damaged.

  • The machine may be heated after working for a period of time, which is normal.

  • Please use lens cleaner or professional tools to clean the lens.


Screen size

3 inch

Video resolution

1296P/ 1080FHD/ 720P/ VGA 

File format


Photo format







Support Micro SD 32GB Class 10


Built-in 200mAh

Power interface

5V 1A

Operating temperature

up to 60°C / 140°F



Loop Recording


Auto Power-off


G- sensor


Sound recording