The product is hard-wired and powered by your vehicle’s battery. It is convenient, effective and environmentally friendly. You will have no worries about the rodent problem from now on. This item will drive marten, rodents away from your car and garage. It emits ultrasonic waves that make pests feel uncomfortable and run away.

The device is supplied with mounting and hardware kit to connect to the car’s battery. There are two cables. The red cable should be clamped to the positive electrode and the black cable be clamped to the cathode. The unit automatically switches off while the car is running and then automatically switch on emit ultrasonic wave once the car is off due to the vibration controller that monitors car’s shaking.


This item has low-power consumption. The sounds are hardly perceptible to the human ear and keep the pests away from the vehicle and rooms. It protects cables, wires and other rubber parts from pest’s damage.


  • Please clean the car or room of there has been previous activity by pests due to the smell residues
  • Dismantle the device before cleaning your vehicle



Power supply: Car storage battery

Working Current: 28mAh, Standby 20mAh

Voltage: +12V

Frequency: 12-24 kHz

Display: LED indication

Advantage: no chemicals, easy to use and install


The repeller uses a single-chip to generate an ultrasonic frequency of 24 kHz, which can effectively stimulate the auditory system and nervous system of pests, and makes them feel uncomfortable and unbearable, thus moving away from the sound source and achieving the purpose of eviction

  • Connect the positive lead wire (red) of the repeller to the car battery „+“ pole, and the negative lead wire (black) to the battery „-“ pole. (Power supply voltage +12V). Note that the positive and negative polarity should not be reversed.
  • Pull the power switch on the side of the box to the ON state, that is, the repeller is working.
  • Power ON, „di di“ sounds. Start up.
  • After about 2 seconds, the LED red light flashed 3 times. After the light is off, the repeller starts to send a varying ultrasonic frequency in a 12K- 24K cycle for about 22 seconds (±3 seconds).
  • 25 seconds (±3 seconds) to 47 seconds (±3 seconds) stop the frequency within about 22 seconds, with the LED light off.
  • From 48 seconds (±3 seconds) to 1 minute  and 10 seconds (±3 seconds), the repeller reciprocates with a varying ultrasonic frequency at 12K-24K for a duration of approximately 22 seconds (±3 seconds). LED red light is highlighted.
  • 1 minute 11 seconds (±3 seconds) to 1 minute 33 seconds (±3 seconds) the frequency is stopped within about 22 seconds, accompanied by the LED light off.
  • 8 The repeller with intelligent vibration sensor, when the machine is shaken by external factors, will stop working and will restart after about 2 minutes and 10 seconds.
  • At the same time, the machine also has a low battery alarm function. When the external voltage or battery voltage is lower than 9.2V, the repeller will automatically alarm and send out a series of continuous rushing „di di“ sounds, reminding user that input voltage or battery is low. (Normal working voltage is +12V)