Thank you for choosing Pest Destruct Animal Repeller!

Please read and understand these instructions and keep this manual for future references 


Pest Destruct Animal Repeller is designed for permanent service, allowing you to install it once and let it work! It is weather-proof and resistant to all weather conditions, which is why it is suitable for outdoor use. 

It uses a solar panel, located on the top of the unit to recharge the internal batteries. The passive infrared sensor- PIR, detects motion and triggers the ultrasonic speaker, which then starts emitting a high-frequency sound that humans cannot hear, but it bothers animals’ hearing and nervous system, making them feel uncomfortable and causing them to leave your space. It chases away common outdoor pests like deer, raccoon, mice, skunks, squirrels, chipmunks, possums, woodpeckers, bats, beetles, earwigs, snakes, armadillos, cats and dogs, and more.

This solar animal repeller is a safe and humane way to keep unwanted animals away.


1. 3 parts of the spike

2. Solar panel head device

3. Instructions

***Note: spikes come disassembled and securely packed in the bottom part of the box, under the cardboard, which might make them hard to notice. Always make sure you have fully unpacked the product before you start the setup. 


  1. Please read the manual before you start using the product

  1. Unpack the product completely and confirm that all parts are included

  1. Connect the repeller’s head, spike extensions, and ground stake

  1. On the upper part of the device, you will notice a protective film. The removal of the protective film is optional, its purpose is only to protect the solar panel from scratch, and you can either remove it or leave it on. 

  1. Install the unit in a place where it can catch most of the sunlight during the day, and put it pointed towards the place you wish to protect. 

  1. Insert the spike into the ground carefully. Please leave the spike 5 inches or more above the ground. It is suggested that you dig a hole and then insert the unit to ensure no damage occurs.

  1. Place the unit in direct sunlight and “OFF” position for the 24 hours prior to first use to ensure the product is fully charged. You may repeat this action every time you start using the product again after a long resting time (such as, after winter), or if you had many consecutive cloudy days, which caused the battery to get low. 

  1. Once turned ON, the Red-LED light and ultrasonic signal will activate for about 100 seconds. Following this activation, the unit will move to Stand-by mode.


Please install the device facing the direction that animals and pests will come from to have a better effect. The device will activate each time an animal appears within its range. The red light will turn on when motion is detected, indicating that the high-frequency sound is being emitted.  When there is no motion, the unit will go back to standby mode. The red light can be long or short blinking light, and the small ticking sound might appear.

The device is designed to be used outdoors, installing the product in an outdoor area, without many objects directly in front of it as it may diminish the range of the electromagnetic waves.

For flying pests, such as bats, woodpeckers, or animals that normally rest in the trees, place the unit on higher altitudes so that animals can be under direct impact of the ultrasonic waves. The top of the device has a hole for hanging, so the item can also be mounted on a wall, pillar, or balcony as an alternative to mounting in the ground.


Infrared sensor angle: 110° horizontally, 50° vertically 

Detection range: 26-30 feet 

Power supply: 4 x 2/3AA Nickel hydride rechargeable batteries, included and integrated with the device

Charging time: approximately 6 hours 

Frequency: 25-61kHz

Product dimensions: Stake: 12.6",  “head”: 5.6"x3.75"

Color: Green


The product uses 4 x 2/3AA Nickel hydride rechargeable batteries, included and integrated with the device. The batteries should not be taken out and recharged at your home, they recharge themselves with solar energy, make sure to put the product in a place where it can catch most of the sunshine during the day as to enable fast and sufficient recharge.

If the rechargeable batteries in the product have not been in use for an extended period, place the unit in direct sunlight and “OFF” position for the 24 hours so that the battery can fully recharge and revive. 

If you are replacing the batteries, please dispose of the old batteries properly at a recycling center for used electrical and electronic devices.


To clean the device, use a soft cloth dampened with mild soap and water. Do not use harsh chemicals or abrasive cleaning products that may damage the device.


*** Do not cover up the PIR sensor or solar panel of the device 

*** The device works on the principle of motion detection, make sure the device is not nearby the road, or place with a lot of activities as it would constantly get triggered, which might diminish the battery life 

***The noise frequency of this unit is above the normal human range of hearing (20Hz – 20kHz), however, some people may still be able to hear the lower range of the ultrasound the unit emits (~25kHz). For this reason, please place the unit out of earshot of common areas

*** Please keep away from children and only operate after thoroughly read the instructions

***Do not throw away the box or any part you have received with the product, as you might need them in case you decide to return the product