Is it safe for my dog, cat, fish, bird and other pests? Yes, the device is designed to be completely safe for pets! 

 Where should I place the device? The product should be plugged in as close as possible to the infested area, with no hard obstacles in front that might block its waves. 

 How many units do I need for my home? One unit covers 100-800 sq ft of indoor space, hence the number of units that would be suitable for you will mostly depend on the size of the area you wish to treat. The ultrasound cannot penetrate hard obstacles or walls, ceiling, floor, which also might be an important factor to consider when deciding on how many units you need. 

 Can it be used outdoor? The product is not designed to be used outdoors. It is an electrically powered plug-in, if placed outdoors, it will be exposed to various weather conditions that might cause failure (flood, rain, snow...)

 Is it battery operated? The device is not battery-operated, it is a plug-in electrically powered device. 

 What is the area coverage of one unit? One unit covers 100-800 sq ft. Rooms with little items inside and relatively common layout will achieve better area coverage, while rooms with a lot of items inside, corners, and irregular shape, will have reduced one. 

What is the angle of sound wave emission? The device has a 170° sound wave emission angle.

 What temperature and humidity can it resist? The device can withstand the temperature up to 149 °F, any temperature below this one will not affect the product's performance. Air humidity will not bother the device, it is an electrically powered device and can be used under the same conditions as others, like a stove, fridge, and so on. Only liquids or long exposure to dense steam would have an impact on the product's functionality. 

 For how long will this product last? The average lifespan of the product is a year to two (we provide 30 days satisfaction guarantee on our product and a one-year replacement warranty). The proper maintenance will significantly extend the life expectancy of the device hence after the pests are gone, it is advised to plug out the product and keep it in a dry and cool space for later use. 

  Will this device be bothered by my other appliances? The device will not be affected by other devices and vice versa. 

  I can hear the sound that the device emits. Is it normal?  The device is designed to be completely silent to the human ear. In case your unit emits a perceptible sound, please contact our team for a replacement. 

  Is the light supposed to blink or stay steady? This will depend on the model of the product you’ve purchased. Some units will have a blinking light, while others will have a steady light. Please check the manual or contact our team to confirm the information. 

 What is the size of the product? The size of the item is 2.36" x 2.79" x 1.9" approximately.

 What is the ultrasonic frequency of the device? The output audio is 20-65KHz.

 What does the device repel (Insects, Rodents)? Pest Destruct pest repeller is able to drive away Ants, Mice, Rats, Roaches, Cockroaches, Bats, Squirrels, Flies, Fruit Flies, Silverfish, Mosquitoes, Spiders, Bed Bugs, Crickets, Fleas, Bugs, Moths, Termites, Wasps, Beetles and many other annoying pests! Humans and family pets will not be harmed by the ultrasonic sound emitted from the device.