• Do you have custom-made jewelry? 

Unfortunately, we are sad to confirm that we do not have custom-made service in our offer. 

  • Can I swim and bathe with my pieces of jewelry? 

It is not recommended to wear jewelry while swimming or taking a bath. There are various reasons for this- chlorine from the water may cause the jewelry to tarnish or lose its patina, or water flow force can gently take it off, which might result in the jewelry to be lost. 

  • My jewelry tarnished, what should I do? 

The jewelry naturally oxidizes in time, the metal the product is made from will have a reaction with sweat, lotion, hand cream which might cause the product to tarnish and it happens regardless on what type of metal is used for manufacturing. This is something that cannot be avoided, it is a natural process, but the good news is that this can easily be solved by rubbing the jewelry with either specialized cloths for cleaning the jewelry, or household cleaning items. 

  • How can I clean the jewelry? 

Kindly take the piece of cloth, the cotton fabric would be recommendable. 

In case you are not worried about the natural shine, you can put either lemon juice or vinegar on a piece of cloth and rub until the old shine is restored.

In case you prefer to preserve and restore the original shine, we’d suggest something more alkaline, such as baking soda or toothpaste. Put it on a piece of cloth (in case of baking soda, try to make the paste by adding a little bit of water to it) and keep rubbing until the old shine is restored.

  • How do I store my jewelry? 

Keep the jewelry in the box or pouch, away from sunshine and air. 

Always undo the clasp of bracelets or necklaces to avoid breaking or deformations.