How to use egg rings: 

-The first step is to prepare all the items you need for cooking: completely flat pan, oil or butter, eggs, molds... 

- Add the oil or butter into the pan and turn on the stove on the highest heat 

- Put the egg rings inside the pan and make them oily as well to avoid sticking 

- Once the oil is hot, put the egg inside the ring (there should he “shhhh” sound) - as the oil was truly hot it will help create the basis and leakage will be avoided 

- In case of scrambled eggs or pancakes, pour the liquid slowly as to avoid spillage 

- Put salt and seasoning, depending on your preference 

- Put the temperature to a low or mid-low degree until the egg is done 

- In some cases, users prefer to put the lid or top above the rings, as the hot steam helps cook egg evenly 

- Gently remove rings once the egg is done by taking the little handles and simply pooling up 

The egg leaks in the bottom, am I doing something wrong?

Kindly make sure the pan is completely flat and the temperature is set on the highest heat prior to placing the egg in the rings. 

Can I wash them in the dishwasher?

Yes, the product is designed as a dishwasher approved. 

What is the dimension of the rings?

The size of each ring is 4 x 0.8”. The size of the free-gift spatula is 8”. 

How many eggs can fit in the ring?

It is best to put one to two mid-size eggs. More than two is not recommended. 

Can I use it in the microwave?

Yes, the product can be used in the microwave, but please make sure to remove metal bar handles first. 

Can I make scrambled eggs with them?

Absolutely! Just make sure the pan is very hot and pour carefully as to avoid leakage. 

Are the rings BPA free?

Yes, the product is made of BPA-free silicone! 

How can I flip the egg in the ring?

- Once the egg is semi-done, slowly pull up the little steel handle and release the egg from the ring. Use the spatula to flip the egg over and make the other side fried as well. 

- Another way is to put the top of the pan and the hot steam will do the trick.

Can I use them to make Hash browns? Crumpets? or English Muffins?

Yes, the rings will be just perfect for all of those treats!