Will this product affect my pets? The product is an animal repeller and will affect the animals that have a hearing frequency between 25-61 kHz, such as cats, dogs, or some bird species. However, the ultrasound cannot penetrate hard obstacles and if your pet is indoors, it will not be affected or disturbed by the device. If you place the repeller on the ground level, the device will not bother birds at all as they would be outside its range. Dogs and cats won't be harmed by the device and it won't hurt their hearing sense, it will only make them step away from that area. Additionally, the unit has the ON/OFF button that you can shut down any time you want, and when your dog or cats plays outside. 


 It shows red light, what does it mean? Once the device is turned on, it will constantly stay lit for around 100 seconds, and then it will turn off. Each time the motion is detected, the red light will turn on and then go back to normal. Red light- blinking or steady is normal, in case there is no red light even though the motion is detected please kindly make sure the unit is properly charged or contact us at support@dbzon.com for more information. 

 Is it weather-proof? The product is made of anti-UV and waterproof materials, designed to withstand any weather conditions.


Can I take the batteries out and recharge them at my home? The batteries should not be taken out and recharged at our home, they recharge themselves with solar energy and they are integrated with the device, make sure to put the product in a place where it can catch most of the sunshine during the day as to enable fast and sufficient recharge. In case you are experiencing any sort of recharging failure, or you suspect the battery is not performing properly, please contact our team for help and battery replacement.

Do I need to buy new batteries? The product uses 4 x 2/3AA Nickel hydride rechargeable batteries already integrated with the device, you do not need to purchase separate batteries. 


What is the area coverage of the device? One unit has a range of around 30 ft in distance, with a 110°detection angle horizontally, which makes a total of up to 2500 sq ft. Flat areas will achieve better area coverage while rough terrains will have a reduced one. 


  What’s the output frequency? The device emits a sound of 25-61 kHz. 

 Will this affect my domestic animals? The product is not designed to affect your domestic animals. Cows, chickens, pigs, and others will not be disturbed by the product. 


 What is the size of an item? The length of the stake is 6.1", whereas the size of the “head” is 5.7" X 2.95"


 Should I remove the protective film? It’s optional, its purpose is only to protect it from scratch, and you can either remove it or leave it on. 

 For how long will this product last? The average lifespan of the product is a year to two (we provide 30 days satisfaction guarantee on our product and a one-year replacement warranty in case the product malfunction).  


What is the difference between the 2 different Solar Powered repellers? The ultrasonic devices work under the same principle, both emit electronic waves that will repel Animals. There are two differences, one is the design, the first one is square-shaped while the other one is more oval-shaped. 

- The oval device is an upgraded model that includes a flashing light, an additional feature that scares off animals. Despite this, both units are equally effective for getting rid of unwanted animals that visit your property and emit a frequency ranging from 25-61 kHz. 

 The device won’t turn on. First, make sure the product has been recharged in the OFF position for 24 hours and left in a sunny spot so that it can fully recharge. Make sure the switch on the “head” has been set to ON. Make sure the top of the device is clean and undamaged so that it can recharge properly. If that doesn’t help either, please contact DBzon for further assistance: Get In Touch