Does it include an SD card? Which card is suitable? The SD card is not included in the package. You are suggested to use a class 10, 32GB max micro SDHC card.

 The battery won’t stay charged. Dash Cam has to be plugged in with the car charger cable to the 12 V cigarette lighter receptacle. In order to make it charge, the car must be in the ignition. The internal battery can last for only about 10 minutes or less and its purpose is back up and saving the data only. 


 Does the motion sensor work when the car is parked? Yes, only if you connect it to the car battery (fuse box) [Car in ignition]


Can it handle hot temperatures? Yes, it can handle the temperatures up to 60℃. When the car is not in the ignition, please remove the camera. Do not leave it under the sun when it is parked. 


 What kind of warranty does the camera come with? The camera has a warranty period of 12 months (physical damage excluded)

How long would it record for with the 32gb SD card? It will record for about 5 hours, as long as the loop recording is enabled. 

 How can I turn on the loop recording? When you are in the recording mode, click the Menu button, go down to Cyclic record and use the OK button to enter the setting. The video recordings will be saved in time segments 1- 3 -5 Minutes depending on your selection within this feature. 


 Can I turn OFF the sound recording? When you are in the recording mode, click the Menu button, go down to Recording and use the OK button to adjust the setting (it can be ON or OFF). 


 What is the procedure for camera playback? Once you’ve entered recording mode, one pressing of the “M” button will bring you to Photograph mode, and another pressing of the “M” button will bring you to the Playback mode. 


Use UP and DOWN buttons to go through your files, and use the “OK” button to playback the video. 


 How to set the screensaver to turn on? When you are in the recording mode, click the Menu button, go down to Auto Power-off and use the OK button to enter the setting. Auto Power-off: 1 Minute - 3 Minutes - 5 Minutes. 


Is the USB charging port a mini-USB or a micro-USB? It’s a mini USB. 


Does the camera have a “lock" function to save the video I need? Yes, it does, it’s located on the right side of Dashcam. 

 Is the suction cup holder stable? The suction cup is very stable. Before you install the cup on the windshield, it is advised to clean the glass and remove all the dust so that it can stick to it as best as possible

 Will the recording be automatically saved when a collision occurs? Yes, the device has G-sensor which will allow the device to determine when the car has been in a collision. If it detects a collision, it automatically locks the recording being made at the time of the accident.


Will this Dashcam be able to record inside of the vehicle? Unfortunately, no, the device is designed to record only the front, not inside of the car. It can only make a sound recording. 


How can I transfer/download videos?  The Dashcam comes with a USB cord, kindly insert one end into camera and another end into your computer, that way you will be able to access files and copy them to your computer. 




 For problems in normal operating situations, please try the methods below:


  • Can’t take photos and video recording- Check if the memory card has enough space or is locked. As a solution, format memory card to ensure there’ s enough free space. 


  • Automatically stops when recording- Use the compatible SDHC high-speed memory card because of large HD video data. Check if the cable is connected or it has any damage. 


  • “File Error” appears when you replay photo or video- Uncompleted files because of the memory card storage error, please use the formatting function to format your memory card.


  • Unclear video- Check if there is any dirt or fingerprints on the lens, and use lens paper to clean the camera lens.


  • Black image when recording sky or water scenes- Scenes with large contrasts will influence the automatic exposure function of the camera. You can adjust EV in setting mode to correct the issue.


  • Color is not perfect during a cloudy day and outdoor light- Set the “white balance” function to automatic.


  • Cross stripe interference in the image- Because of the wrong “light frequency”, please set the device to 50Hz or 60Hz according to the local power supply frequency.


  • Camera Crashes- Restart by short pressing on the “RESET” button.