How do I set it up?

1. Open the battery compartment with your fingernail.

2. Swivel opens the battery compartment door, if not already open. Place the proper size battery so that the "+" symbol on the battery matches the "+" marked on the battery compartment.

3. Gently close the battery compartment by pressing the bottom of the door upward with your fingertip.

4. Do not force the door shut. if it doesn't close easily, check to see if the battery was inserted properly. When the battery door is completely closed, your hearing instrument is ready for use.

5. Turn the power switch to ON position.

6. Adjust the volume bottom to the lowest before using.

7. Choose the appropriate size earplug, wear the hearing aid behind the ear.

8. Regulate the volume to proper level slowly.

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How do I use it?

1. Make sure the device is off before you put it in your ear. 

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